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The Begining of the End….

One, Two…One, Two…Cool…So…

Other than a few close friends I have kept this project pretty much under wraps. This was mainly due to time constraints. Having a family these days and what I would consider a ‘real job’ I never knew if I would even time to get this off the ground.

I also wanted time to process the loss of my friend and exactly what happened in his final years, why it happened and by whom it was instigated. I now feel in a position to be able to communicate that cohesively.

Over the past year or so I have started compiling together my tour diaries, notes and pictures from my time as Personal Assistant to Ian Fraser Kilmister. Together we toured the world for 7 years from the day in 2005 I speechlessly accepted the role at the Munich Zenith right to 2012 when deciding after a US tour that I wanted to head to pastures new for reasons that will be covered.

I would like to point out right from the start this is not a smoke blowing myth building exercise and hopefully you get the Airheads reference in the title name and don’t think I am actually that conceited or deluded.

This is my personal reflections on a man who as much as he lived, eat, breathed and pissed Rock N Roll was a fragile and intelligent man who with waning health still managed to get on stage every night and give it 110%.

I have set up this page to give updates on how the book is coming along, share some never before published photos and drawings of Lemmy’s etc.

Here’s to the Gaffer,



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Motörhead roadie turned venue owner turned Dad turned Student turned writer turned upside down.

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