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Turn That Frown Upside Down.

So 3 years ago today we lost the gaffer, Ian Fraser Kilmister. As much as I have mixed emotions and opinions on the last few years of Lemmy’s life I don’t feel today is the day to dwell on those but rather celebrate how he lived. I thought I would share a photo that means a lot to me as its probably the only time I saw Lemmy, for want of a better word, star struck.

© Dan Hawcroft 2018
It was taken on 25th September 2010 outside of Fox Theater Pomona the day HeadCat played for Jerry Lee Lewis 75th Birthday Party and Lemmy was so excited he asked me to head out front straight after soundcheck so I could take a picture of him with the marquee.
Of all the shows I worked with Lemmy I know getting to play with one of his musical heroes along with his pals, especially on Jerry’s birthday meant the world to him as not only a musician but as a fan.
So lets pour a strong Jack Daniel’s (with lots of ice) and a splash of Coca-Cola and crank up some Motörhead, Head Cat, Hawkwind, Sam Gopal or even a little bit of Rockin’ Vicars and remember the life of one of the last true bastions of Rock & Roll.


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Motörhead roadie turned venue owner turned Dad turned Student turned writer turned upside down.

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