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Podcast Episode 2

Gods PA – Episode 2 – MC Lord Magrao

I was thinking that seeing as I hadn’t updated much at the start of this year I would drop the second episode of the Podcast series sooner rather than later.

Episode 2 features MC Lord Magrão, a BRIT Award and Mercury Music Prize nominated multi-instrumentalist. He is known for his unique way of using guitar effects pedals to create otherworldly soundscapes.

Formally of the UK band Guillemots, MC and myself toured together for many years before and around the time I started with Motörhead and bonded over a mutual love of metal and creating fucked up noise.

In this episode we discuss, amongst other things, MC’s creative process, his love of Motörhead and how they influenced him plus, the time he met Lemmy in London. We also mention a Guillemots track called Kriss Kross from their second album which has a very familiar Bass sound, if you would like to check out that tune you can below:

Also, If you would like to hear more of MC’s outstanding work inluding some of his film score compositions and more, you can via his website:

Before recording this episode it was around 10 years since we had actually been in the same room together and it was beyond amazing to catch up with MC and meet his beautiful family.

Recorded over lunch on Tuesday 28th May 2019 in Canberra, Australia.

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