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We are the Roadcrew Podcast Episode 17 – Listen Here!

I seem to be always apologising here but yet again, existence is a busy game to master when you spent most of your life avoiding it in a touring bubble.

Just a quick update in terms of the book. I took most of the start of this year off from writing as I enrolled in a History Masters, got a new job and was moving gaff. It just seemed to be a bit too much of an overload to doing all these plus the book at the same time.

That said, I have set myself the goal of having the book ready by the end of the year.

In the meantime, last month I was stoked to speak to the chaps at We Are The Roadcrew Podcast about my early days as well as my time with Lemmy & Motorhead. For me, it was a real honour to be part of a series with such industry legends.

If you wanted to treat your ears, take a listen below and don’t forget to give them a link on Facebook here.

Cheers ears, and stay lucky!

Episode 18 : Chad Zaemisch (Metallica, Hole, The Breeders) We Are The Road Crew Podcast

We promised you an amazing end to this season of the podcast and we have delivered it, by bringing you a unique, open, and intimate conversation with Chad Zaemisch, who, for over 16 years has been the Guitar Tech for James Hetfield of Metallica. Undoubtedly one of the biggest rock bands in the world, Chad is responsible for James's signature guitar tone and everything you hear from his amps when Metallica grace the biggest and best stages in the world. Chad also goes back in his career and talks to us about how he started in the industry with alt-rock band The Breeders, and then his time looking after the guitars of Courtney Love and Hole. We are delighted to have had the support this season of our good friends over at Signature Brew who have been brewing music-inspired beers and supporting live music since 2011. If you'd like to try any of their superb beers, head over to and put in the code 'RoadCrew' at the checkout which will earn you an exclusive listener 10% Discount on any order.Thank You for all your support this season. Please Subscribe & Follow the 'We Are The Road Crew Podcast' over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, leave us a little review, and be the first to hear about the launch of SEASON THREE! Coming Soon! #RoadCrewPod
  1. Episode 18 : Chad Zaemisch (Metallica, Hole, The Breeders)
  2. Episode 17 : Dan Hawcroft (Motörhead, Kasabian, Capdown, Mondo Generator)
  3. Episode 16 : Steve Lagudi (Machine Head, God Forbid, Exodus, Napalm Death)
  4. Episode 15 : Michelle Pettinato (Elvis Costello, Mr. Big, Styx, Gwen Stefani, Spin Doctors)
  5. Episode 14 : Tom Campbell (30 Seconds To Mars, While She Sleeps, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Bullet For My Valentine)

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Motörhead roadie turned venue owner turned Dad turned Student turned writer turned upside down.

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